Refereeing is an enjoyable and rewarding job that is very important to the success of any soccer club.

As referees, we want to make sure the game is enjoyable for the players, coaches and spectators and at the same time be fair to all! Each soccer match is controlled by a referee who has full authority to enforce the Laws of the Game in connection with the match that he/she is refereeing.

As players, fans, and parents we need to realize that the referees are people also and can and will make mistakes. As humans we make mistakes or uses poor judgment at times. No referee has ever worked a perfect game or saw every foul that happens.

As referees, we try to improve our knowledge with each game. Just as we hope our children will learn from experience and practice, referees will hopefully learn from their mistakes and become better officials over time and with practice.

All of our referees have taken a required 12 hour class and passed a 100 question test before they are allowed to referee. Also, every year the referees must get recertified to be able to continue refereeing in the future.

Anyone wishing to help out the club by becoming a certified referee, please contact the

Director of Referees - Lance Ridgely at